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Name: Slierus

Species: lycano-sauros

Type 4- Slayer class

Height: 68 meters

Length: 240 meters

Ability's and aspects:

:bulletblack: Alpha breath- A deadly breath of super-charged energy, that can annihilate an entire mountain in seconds,and incinerate any Kaiju rival.

:bulletblack: Hyper senses- A remarkably quick and sharp awareness to its surroundings. These sixth super-senses enable the beast not only predict future threats, but also to feel and understand the fabric of nature.

:bulletblack: Incredible agility- Can perform outstandingly high jumps,and lethal yet very precised kicks.
When engaged on battle, Slierus offend displayed a ruthless combat skills witch remind some kind of a savage martial art.

:bulletblack: Savage force- Slierus's body constantly over flowing with both  energy, and raw physical power.
The beast often displayed its brute force, by tearing apart anything in its path, from standard buildings up to rival Kaijus.
On top of mire strength, the Slayer's equipped with daggers like claws,whip like tail, and powerful jaws fill with razor sharp teeth's.

:bulletblack: Mana absorber- Slierus holds the ability to absorb, and storage certain types of energy's. In combat the creature can use this power against opponents, by turning their own energy against them, and by creating new means of attack.

:bulletblack: Indestructible hide- Over countless battles the Slayer's body seemed to be imposable to penetrate.  
His body is covered with a thick hide of durable scales, which provide him immunity to conventional weaponry, and even to survive within the heart of a nuclear explosion.


No one knows exactly how the beast was born.
Slierus's reawaking was the result of secret nuclear experiments, conducted in Antarctica by the DFO.  
Some sad he was an ancient god that returned to punish humanity for its sins.
Others thought him to be some kind of a prehistoric animal.
They were all wrong.
After being spotted in Antarctica, the monster had reappeared and attacked few cities in the Lietuvos republic.
After causing massive damage, the Slayer been classified as a national threat, and was under a search and destroy protocol.  
However the task proved to be imposable, for all the kind of military weapons proved to be useless.
On the attempt to prevent the next assault, the DFO have begun researching on the creature's origin.
What they discovered had surpassed all exceptions.
According to ancient hieroglyphics, found in a cave at Antarctica;
Slierus's origin lied somewhere in the  dawn of time.
It is sad that once there was a divine species, a great and ancient civilization, that inhabit the Earth.
Thos beings are sad to have been advanced enough, to control the very mana of the cosmos.
Toying with their new found power, this beings created the very first monsters, the Kaijus.
Thinking they cloud submit this titans to their will, the ancients filled the world with monsters.
But after ages of peace the creation turned on its makers, driving them to the edge of extinction.
To battle these monsters, the ancient ones summoned their ultimate guardian, the great God of the north.
This biological weapon, and the very last hope, was known only as Slierus.
This infamous blue beast, held but one and single purpose in mind, to guard and protect the Earth.                  
It is sad there was a great war upon the earth, a god's war.
But despite their hardest efforts, Slierus's-summoners had desisted, leaving their creation with nothing but its task.

And now as the beast have reawaken, it would seem the Slayer hold his hatred towards humanity, and see us as a threat to the Earth's survival.

Intelligence and personality:

Though being classified as one of the most aggressive Kaijus, Slierus posses a high level of Intelligence.
From long and distant observations it was concluded the creature certainly endowed with an active, creative, and problem solver brain.  
Yet when ever being provoke, or challenged, it would seems that the savage ruthless side takes over.
At this state the beast would become highly aggressive, and won't hesitate to hunt down, and kill its rivals.
In several case the Slayer was surprisingly seen communicating and interacting with fellow Kaijus.
Later on Slierus been noticed to specifically seek out few specific Kaijus, that apparently he embraced as allies.
These Kaijus were no other than, the sky demon Varan, the fire god Tyrannogonos, and the peace creeper Mothra.
On terms of personality, Slierus is a decisive and determent Kaiju.
Though mostly he will appear as cruel and heartless, underneath his hide, Slierus bear a good hart.
One must bear in mind that the beast's soul-purpose was to protect, but now all that he cherished most is gown, and all that's left is its task.
So perhaps deep in his hart the Slayer does bear some kind of emotions.

Allies: Varan,Mothra,Tyrannogonos.

Enemy's: Tera-Gyaos,Dagara,Bayumetrus,Tricera,Gyaos,Iris.
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