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Name: Aiden Henderson

Age: 24

Species: Human Mutant

Affiliation: X-man, Xavier’s School for Gifted Youngsters, the Doom Squad.

Abilities: Bone armor, superhuman strength, metamorphosis.


Aiden’s life story is a tell field with holes and missing pieces. The path of his life course and history are quit vogues mainly due to a memory loss he suffered as a result of brainwash forced on him by super villain called Dr. Chaos.
Aiden’s first appearance tack place around December 2008 as he and number of other mutants lunch an assault on a military base in Jacksonville, North Carolina. As seen the attackers were all under the influence of a signal mutant named, Dr. Chaos, who lade the attack personally.
Despite the heavy resistance of the local forces the evil mutant’s squad had successfully invaded the base and managed to steal a highly advanced technology from the base’s airfield. The X-man team was soon on the scene and immediately engaged in a fierce battle with the wicked intruders.
During the combat the X-man member Wolverine, found himself in a hand to claws combat with a tremendous mutant, mead out of solid bone.
Although proving to possess an enormous physical strength this unknown rival was soon wounded and captured, as his bone armor cloud not match Logan’s Adamantium-claws.
Taken by the X-man team, the wounded bone man was left behind as his the rest of his squad begun retreating.
Later on, tied and restrained in a holding cell at the X-man’s headquarters, the wounded mutant was mentally interrogated by Professor Xavier.
Using his telepathic powers Professor X was able to read into the prisoners mind, and managed to crack the mind control placed on him.
Once the control was broken, the mysterious mutant begun shaking as fraction spread across his entire body. The convulsing bone man was now shedding-off his organic armor reviling a perfectly normal human underneath.
Still wounded from his fight, the confused man was released from his chains, and interviewed by Scott Summers and the professor.
Suffering from disorientation and memory loss the bandaged man had no knowledge of his previous actions nor of his accomplices. Seeing him as no more than a victim, the X-man decided to shelter the young mutant.
Taking new residence in the X-Mansion, the new guest was now introducing himself as Aiden Henderson.

It was some time before further information was discovered of Aiden’s history, but with great help from Professor Xavier new pieces were finally surfacing.
By the time Aiden had finally started to put the pieces of his lives together he was already a devoted member in the mansion and on the training to be a real X-man.

Powers and ability’s:

• Bone-armor
Aiden possess the ability to transform and shield his body by forming a powerful bone-armor around him-self. This tough organic armor provides Aiden with an incredible level of physical strength, pushing closely to a Hulk level of raw force. As seen in numerous battles Aiden’s armor provide an excellent defense against both hot and could weaponry, and is even resistance to most energy attacks.

This exoskeleton’s is perfectly designed to protect the man inside it, and provide it’s user with such durability, that even being hit by a full speed logging-truck head not managed to even slightly injure him. As explained by Professor Xavier, Aiden’s shell is mead out of two different layers with two different purposes; Wail the top layer (the outside) is highly rough and solid to withstand any impact, the low layer (the inside)  is actually soft and elastic, especially adapt to absorb the shock from any impacts.
As good as his armor is, Aiden’s armor is not without faults, and would fail under the right circumstances.
Just as seen in his first battle with the X-mans, the armor cannot withstand against superior materials such as Adamantium and other tough metals.  Any weapon composed of such materials clued easily pierces the armor, and if used correctly clued very well kill Aiden. Aside from this weakness, the armor also impose Aiden with few blind spots that clued easily be suede agents him.
The most deadly of this spots located around Aiden’s nape and shoulders line, as due to the armor thickness Aiden is unable to move or turn on these areas and cannot watch or protect them.

• Metamorphosis

This mysterious ability only came to manifest later on it Aiden’s lives, and emerged only wean he was on the verge of death after being impaled with Adamantium-spears by Magneto. After having his armor shattered time and again by Adamantium beads weapons, Aiden’s body seemed to have adapted.
On one particular battle Aiden was nearly killed wean 4 spears mead of Adamantium were shot at him, impaling him to the near wall. It was at this dire condition that Aiden shell discovers a new part of his mutation, the ability to adapt and evolve.
An inch away from death, Aiden’s body started to twist wildly, as he began shifting around the spears planted in him.
Now transforming like never before, Aiden stood up shaking of his broken old armor, reviling a brand new one underneath. Shocked by his own morphosis, Aiden realized he had absorbed the spears into himself, making them part of him.
Shedding the last pieces of bone, Aiden reviled his new form, a shining living armor of pure Adamantium.
Kaiju:  FROZEN by Cyprus-1
All credit and fam for this picture go's souly to the awesome artist kaijuverse.
This picture was obviously based on the shadow figure of his phenomenal take on my kaiju Slierus

I'v been trying to contact him for some time, trying to get his approve for this but sadly I haven't managed to reach him.

As I'v sad all credit for this one go's to him and to him alone.
Pleas comment.
Kaiju: Godzilla King of the Monsters by Cyprus-1
Kaiju: Godzilla King of the Monsters
Original model was mead by my good old friend Daizua123, so all the credit for this picture is truly his.
Check out his original Godzilla 2014 picture->Godzilla 2014


Hello everyone, And Welcome To my gallery
In it you can find all my works and projects
I hope you enjoy and pleas comment.

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