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Hello everyone, Cyprus’s here.

I would like to devout this journal to one of the delights that really mead my year.

Out of the various new and sequel shows available on TV, I would like to devout this one for the awesome show American Horror Story three (Coven).

Continuing the tow previous seasons, this one too revolves around a classic horror icon, and this time witches.

Kike starting with the delightful Taissa Farmiga (as the character Zoe Benson) and with one of the most earring opening songs ever, this show was an instant hook. Re depicting Jessica Lange along with Angela Bassett and Kathy Bates, this show had no leak of girl power.

Mixing voodoo and witchcraft, as well as old and new filming styles, the directors of AHS had created a howl new world of horror.

An original reestablishment of witches, as well as a delightful use of real history along with an incredible cast had truly mead Coven into one of my all-time favorites.  

The memorable and quince characters combined with the thrilling and fast moving tone of the show had kept me as a viewer glowed to my screen.

As a horror fan I must admit that I was surprised,

Given that voodoo and witches never really applied to me, I really didn’t expect myself to full for this series.

What I loved the most about Coven was its complex and unexpected turn of events. As a viewer you latterly can’t possibly tell what will happen next, as anything can prove possible in this season.

Another well mead thing in this season was its bold and straightforward displacement of slavery.                        
Using the witches them as a stag to display the horrors of racism, and fearlessly confronting the viewers with the very real and terrible nature of this historical tragedies, was truly a bereave choice. 

For those of you who watched it, I’m sure you know what I’m talking about. For those of you who haven’t, I highly recommend to give it a shot, you will not be disappointed.

-----------------------------Spoiler alert-------------------------------

As all great story’s, Coven has its own quince vocabulary.         

Riche with original terms such as “the supreme” or “Resurgence” this show was innovative and still managed to be classic.

The filming, effects, and soundtrack were all spotless, and truly set the tone or the drama in itch scene.

My most favorite of all was the surprising show of the singer Stevie Nicks. Her songs plead an incredible role in few of the episodes. 

As one who wasn’t very familiar with Fleetwood Mac’s music, I really am grateful to AHS for introducing me to Stevie’s awesome music. Her solo performance of Rhiannon was simply magnificent, and very touching.

Out of the great stock of characters, my favorite was Misty Day.

Portrayed by the great actress Lily Rabe, Misty was the most empathic and relatively pure character in the coven. Matched only by Cordelia or Zoe, she really was the most peaceful and gentle person among the witches.

Her horrible death was a complete snooker for me, I was latterly speechless, not to mention sad by it.

For a finally twist it was quite a good one, and really add some horror to the ending.

Personally I really hoped for poor Misty to survive…..


If you managed to read throw all of this you really deserve a treat.

So tell me, what did you think of Coven? Was there anything I’ve left out that you think should be mention?

What was you’re favorite part in Coven?
Did you had any favorite character?

Others opinions:……………………………

To reap it all up I’d like to thanks 20th Century Fox for this awesome show, and hope you enjoyed this journal.

Cyprus singing off.


Hello everyone, And Welcome To my gallery
In it you can find all my works and projects
I hope you enjoy and pleas comment.

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